I need help learning how to use Inform 7

Hello! I am interested in making text adventures. I was directed here after asking around Reddit. I have… absolutely no experience with anything involving coding or somesuch, and I don’t know quite where to start. I’m wondering if there is a tutorial I can watch?
Also, I have to use borogove.app, which I’m hoping works out. But it has Inform 7, and then Inform 7 with Vorple… what is the difference?
Oh, and I am introverted and have ADHD, so it may be days before I come back to check this post. But I will get back to this.
I hope I posted in the right spot…
Thank you to anyone who takes the time to answer, I really appreciate it.


I would suggest following the manual, Writing with Inform, page by page, and creating your own examples with your own imagination. Try creating your own little game this way. Come up with a ‘room’, in your mind, learn how to create it using the techniques taught in the manual, then create each of the (important) objects. That’s how I did it.

It can be a test of patience, to get it to work right, but don’t fall for discouragement. You probably have a powerful imagination; it clamors to be expressed. You will surmount the obstacles if it is important enough to you.

You have found the right spot to post. There are plenty of experts here to help you. As far as a tutorial, I have no idea, only the built-in manual and recipe book, but there probably is a tutorial and someone else here can probably point you in the right direction.

But here’s a good(?) example of a way to start–after you have typed a title and your name into the initial box (after clicking on ‘New Project’)–

[under the game title]

Home Office is a room.  "(room description here)."

The player is here.

I hope that this is helpful.


If you’re using Borogove, then I suggest you go to the main Inform site and click on Documentation, at the top of the screen.

The documentation there is included in the desktop app. This has two main parts: “Writing with Inform” and “The Inform Recipe Book”. The first works systematically through the Inform 7 language, starting with simple stuff. The Recipe Book approaches the same information from a “how do I…” approach: “How do I make an elevator?” “How do I make one room visible from another room?” etc. Both share the same set of examples.

There’s also a comprehensive list of help pages in the first post of the Inform 7 section on this site.

Vorple is a way of adding pictures, music and sound effects to your game (amongst other things.) It’s wonderful, but I suggest you ignore it for now, and focus on using the “vanilla” Inform 7 which is text only.


I second the importance of going through the Inform 7 docs, but I also completely understand how overwhelming this is. Keep in mind that as the chapters progress, the subjects get more and more advanced—not something you need for your first attempts with the language. Especially since you have no coding XP, focus on doing the simple things first, creating a simple map with some objects, learning the Before/Instead/After rules, etc.

If you are a video person, I think I’ve seen some beginner tutorials on YouTube. You can also start with those.

If you get hooked, you will eventually want to go through the whole documentation—which is one of the best I’ve seen ever, with tons of great examples.


I’m afraid I don’t really know anything about what videos are available, but the Inform 7 Documentation and Resources post has lots of information for newcomers. These might be of most interest:

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