I need a good hint! - 'The Seven Doctors'


I hope there are a few fellow Doctor Who fans out there, and prehaps a few who have played the IF game ‘The Seven Doctors’ by David Burke. This game has been really fun, and frustrating. It has many bugs in it, but mostly they can be ignored. Bugs like entering a room by going south, but then you cant go north from in the room, you have to go south again to get out. And some of the complex commands are VERY specific in how you have to word them.

But I think I am close to completing the game…

Im at the Seafort (from the beach/minefield area), and have gotten down into the lower floor where the cell is (and where I though the Dcotro should be) but in the cell is only an empty chair. There is a Sea Devil that patrols the upper balcony, I have found no way to do anything to/with him. Also there is a small hole in the balcony at one spot, Ive tried everything with that…

Also once you get here you cannot leave until you rescue the doctor (i think), at least you cannot get back into the boat to leave the seafort…

Anyone have a suggestion as what you are suppose to do here?


I got it. Looks like it was a glitch, the Doctor should have been sitting in the chair. Appearently you have to complete the 6 areas in order, even though it never says you have to. I went through the game from scratch going through each area in the order of the doctors; First incarnation, Second…

I spent a good deal of time trying to get through that, even went so far as to decompile the game file using Reform. After reading all of the dialog in the game I found that there was nothing else to do in that area except rescue the doctor.

I would still recommend the game to any serious DW fans :slight_smile:

I’m a fan. I’ve been Netflixing my way through them chronologically. I’m almost up to the point that got me hooked as a kid: I’ve started the Tom Baker years. Already seen every episode for the 9th and 10th doctors. A few years ago, BBC publishing put out a long run of books (may still be going on, but they don’t seem to be coming to the States if so), half of them featuring the first seven incarnations and half featuring the only-from-the-TV-movie 8th docotor. I have probably 60 or 70 of those, but have only made time to read a couple.

It sounds, though, like the game is neither licensed nor very stable. In high school I wrote a series of four Doctor Who “games” (not IF) which were pretty bad, and I’ve come to realize that that type of thing is better left to people who are actually authorized to do it. :slight_smile:

I don’t see a listing for this on the IFDB. Is there a website?