I just wanted to say that lol.

Also I’m glad that there are some other TADS newbs active on the forums now. I just recently scrapped my first TADS project I was building to learn the language and am in the pre programming stage of a new game i plan on finishing. I’m still undecided if i want to tackle learning the differences of ADV3Lite for this project or not.

I also want to add I love this forum.

You can tell the new people who are making one of there first posts to posting on this forum because they tend to start of with a disclamer. “Sorry, I looked for the answer but couldn’t find it” type thing. This is due to the fact so many forums treat newbs and there questions with hostility. A newb question on other forums usually gets at least 2 replies of “why didnt you google it idiot”, or something like that. I haven’t seen a single post that makes people feel unwelcome or “unworthy” of being here.(i have seen an extremely rascist one but that was dealt with lol). Every post I’ve ever submitted has reached a second page in less then 24hrs. This is how you grow a small community and make people want to participate.

Ok i’m done. I just wanted to say that.

agreed. The documentation for Tads 3 is incredibly thorough, and the logic is (mostly) logical. I’m so far very impressed. My project is very much a ‘learn the system’ project, but it’s addictive to work with.

Well, of course I would encourage you to take a look at adv3Lite! :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, you do want to make up your mind whether to go with adv3Lite or adv3 before you start coding your new project, since although they’re quite similar in quite a few respects, they’re not the same and code written for one won’t work with the other.

I’m delighted you’re enjoying TADS.