I forgot that Elon Musk was the main boss of Pogoman Go 7 years ago

Pogoman Go is one of the larger Inform 7 games out there, clocking in at 118346 words. I had its source code open recently to see how they handled Inform 7 running out of memory.

I forgot that Elon Musk was the boss. This is pretty funny stuff.

Alt text

“Elon Musk spins in the air and slashes down with his clipboard, [quotation mark]Prepare to meet your fate, like all the other so-called beta-testers that have come before you.[quotation mark]”,
“Elon Musk leers at you, [quotation mark]I thought that all the pogomaster training would make you a more worthy adversary, but I see that I overestimated you.[quotation mark]”,
“[quotation mark]Please at least try to make this worth my extremely valuable time. All I ask is that you either die quickly, or die well.[quotation mark]”,
“The billionaire taunts you, [quotation mark]How did you ever manage to catch any pogomen with such slow reflexes? My grandmother (Grandma Musk, bless her little cybernetic heart) would run circles around you in her hoverchair. Let[apostrophe]s do this.[quotation mark]”,
“The technology investor laughs derisively at your attempts to avoid the lethal edges of his metal clipboard, which glints in the light as he dances around you. [quotation mark]It would be faster and dare I say it, less painful for you to simply hold still.[quotation mark] Musk thinks about that for a moment and reconsiders, [quotation mark]On the other hand, I think I would prefer you to struggle a bit. It is more sporting.[quotation mark]”,
“The entrepreneur dances around you, jabbing at you with his clipboard, while trying to keep you off balance. He snickers, [quotation mark]You[apostrophe]re not much of a match for me, but I didn[apostrophe]t expect much from the sort of gamer rabble that walks in off the street.[quotation mark]”,
“[quotation mark]If you could scream a bit more, that would help,[quotation mark] suggests Musk. [quotation mark]I like screamers. I can feel their terror and know that I[apostrophe]m getting somewhere. So yes, if you could scream or beg that would be really fine. Crying, on the other hand, I could do without. I want to hear what you[apostrophe]re saying. It[apostrophe]s all about elocution, you know.[quotation mark]”,
“The businessman chides you, [quotation mark]I don[apostrophe]t expect you to put up much of a fight, but surely, you could make more of an effort to at least make it entertaining for me. I mean, that is the very least you could do. Manners and all.[quotation mark]”,
“The billionaire howls madly and snaps his jaws at you like an attack dog; you draw back reflexively. [quotation mark]Ah,[quotation mark] he remarks, [quotation mark]animal instinct. It is hard to get away from it, no? No matter how civilized we appear, deep down, life is a fight for dominance and you will find that I am the alpha dog.[quotation mark]”,
“Musk takes a running leap, spins through the air above your head, and lands behind you. [quotation mark]You must realize that you have no chance against me. Genetic augmentation, cellular enhancements, and of course my innate intelligence and self-discipline make this a fight barely worth having, but [italic type]noblesse oblige[roman type], I will see it though, I suppose.[quotation mark]”,
“Elon Musk steps to the side, just out of your reach, and whispers, [quotation mark]Your day is over, Neanderthal.[quotation mark]”,


Is Musk’s game available anywhere?


IFDB entry: looks like it’s playable, and links to the source. Pogoman GO! - Details


Thankyou. I had looked but my search failed to find it.