I can't find my watch - TADS3.1

When I start my game, I’m supposed to have a watch that is AlwaysWorn. However, the watch shows up nowhere. If I preceed the watch description with a + sign, it shows up on the on the beach? Any ideas?


Show Actor/Player. *******************************************************/

+me: BagOfHolding, Actor
vocabWords = ‘Tom Thomas Tom/Thomas/Leavens’
"You are Thomas Leavens; also known as Dr. Tom by all your friends and
associates. Your ex-wife calls you names that could never be repeated!
Aside from your underwear an socks, you are wearing your normal field
attire. ";

bulk = 10

/* Make/Unmake wizard. ******************************************************/


/* Affinity for actor. ******************************************************/


/* Actor inventory lister. **************************************************/

inventoryLister: actorInventoryLister
/* empty inventory /
"<<buildSynthParam(‘The/he’, parent)>> {is} holding absolutely
nothing. ";
showInventoryWearingOnly(parent, wearing)
we’re carrying nothing but wearing some items /
"<<buildSynthParam(‘The/he’, parent)>> {is}n’t holding anything,
but {is} sporting <>. ";
showInventoryCarryingOnly(parent, carrying)
we have only carried items to report */
"<<buildSynthParam(‘The/he’, parent)>> {is} holding <>. ";
showInventoryShortLists(parent, carrying, wearing)
local nm = gSynthMessageParam(parent);

        /* short lists - combine carried and worn in a single sentence */
        "<<buildParam('The/he', nm)>> {is} holding <<carrying>>,
        and <<buildParam('it\'s', nm)>>{subj} sporting <<wearing>>. ";
    showInventoryLongLists(parent, carrying, wearing)
        local nm = gSynthMessageParam(parent);
        /*  Long lists - show carried and worn in separate sentences.  */
        "<<buildParam('The/he', nm)>> {is} holding <<carrying>>.
        <<buildParam('It\'s', nm)>> sporting <<wearing>>. ";
        *   For 'tall' listings, we'll use the standard listing style, so  *
        *   we need to provide the framing messages for the tall-mode      *
        *   listing.                                                       *
    showListPrefixTall(itemCount, pov, parent)
        { "<<buildSynthParam('The/he', parent)>> {is} holding:"; }
    showListContentsPrefixTall(itemCount, pov, parent)
        { "<<buildSynthParam('A/he', parent)>>, who {is} holding:"; }           


watch: AlwaysWorn ‘wrist wristwatch/watch’‘wristwatch’
"It is an expensive, rugged and accurate digital watch that you have had for
years. It currently reads <<clockManager.checkTimeFmt(’[am][pm]h:mm a’)>>. "
dobjFor(Open){verify(){illogical(‘Only a jeweler could open that watch’);}}
cannotDoffMsg="Don’t do that! It’s crucial that you have your watch at this
time. "

Since you want it in the actor, who is in the beach, use “++”. “+” places it in the beach, “++” places it in the previously defined object, which is the actor.

(And if you wanted to place the next object in the watch, you would use “+++”.)

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot. It’s so easy to get mixed up with these relative references.