I can see a lot of potential in Adventuron

but find the documentation to be less than, comprehensive. What are all the directions one could put in a connections line? I assume, up, down, and cardinal directions. What if you just want the user to “hit enter” to get the next location. Something like:

connections {
from, direction, to = [
Room_One, enter_oneway, Room_Two


While you’re certainly free to ask Adventuron questions here, you may want to also check their discord as well: Adventuron

Now I’m gonna shush (regarding your actual question) because I am not an Adventuron expert. (Someone else will surely be along shortly.)


We’ve actually got an Adventuron category and I’ve moved this message. There are members here who are really good with it (including the creator) - they just might take a bit to see your message.

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You mean like pressing any key to get to the next location? You’d need to do that in on_describe or on_tick I think, using is_at to check the location, and then press_any_key and goto. Using enter like that in the connections block just defines ENTER as a movement direction between locations.


Regarding the documentation, it is a guide, not a reference. I find it pretty useful, but it makes no claim to be comprehensive. Don’t forget that there are online tips with suggestions and auto-complete. Just start typing and it will tell you what is legal in the current context. If you aren’t sure what to type, just type junk and it will sort you out quick smart. It can be a bit finnicky, though.

Regarding the second part of your question, it’s not clear what you want to do. When entering the direction, Ctrl+Space will give you the full list. It’s basically cardinal directions, diagonals, up, down, enter and exit. That’s 12 directions. Directions are bi-directional by default. You can append ‘_oneway’ to force it to be a one-way direction. All of this is covered in the doco.

On the subject of doco, don’t forget the cookbook. There’s lots of useful stuff in there.

Getting back to your question, if you wanted the player to automatically enter a location after pressing the Enter key, you don’t have an entry in the connections{} section. Instead, do something like @ChristopherMerriner suggested. Print a message to tell the player what’s going on, followed by press_any_key;, followed by goto "room02"; This is all covered in the doco.