Hypertext '24 - Interactive narrative exhibition at a conference in Poland - Submissions open!

Hello everyone. Unusual proposition for you all!

Would you like to exhibit your work… in Poznan, Poland this September?

I’m helping organise one of the practitioner’s tracks at this year’s ACM Hypertext conference. It’s an annual conference with a bit of an interactive fiction side to it. (Some of you may have been interviewed for this paper published there a few years back.) We are running an exhibition of Interactive Narrative around the theme of Creative Intelligence , with the goal of putting together an exhibition for both the conference attendees and also the general public.

Submission is via a 1-2 page author statement formatted as an extended abstract, which will also be published in the ACM DL. Deadline is 26th May 2024, with the conference 10-13 September 2024 in Poznan, Poland. It can be a pre-existing work.

It’s open to anyone, though I understand it’s probably most appealing to those of you who are also academics, or live in Poland.

There are more details here on the Hypertext website, and I’m happy to answer questions put to me in this thread, by private message, post, email, or carrier pigeon.