Hyperlink color

I’m building a game in Inform 7 using the current release, along with the Hyperlink Interface by Leonardo Boselli extension. It’s supposed to have two possible colors for hyperlinks - the usual blue and also green. The blue color works fine, but the green does not work at all. I wanted different colors for objects and directions, but can’t get any other color but blue to work for the hyperlinks. Since I’ve also Included Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short, I can make any other word show up any other color. However, Hyperlinks will ever only show up as blue. What am I doing wrong?

The style of direction-word is hyperlink-color1-style.
The style of object-word is hyperlink-color2-style.

Those lines are supposed to make directions one color and objects the other color. I can’t figure out why it’s not working. Please help!


Unfortunately there is no way to control the colour of hyperlinks from within the game. Many interpreters have a setting, and some allow you to give a game specific style config file, like Gargoyle. For an example, see Kerkerkruip’s Gargoyle ini file: github.com/i7/kerkerkruip/blob/ … rkruip.ini

Thank you for the information!