Hybrid choice: De/Activate pages in a page-toogle rule?

I’m using Hybrid Choice by AW Freyr. It’s a really cool library. But I’m having a little problem. I’m trying to make a little menu, it’s simple. But one of the options must start being “deactivated”, and must be activated in the page-toogle of another page. Example:

Menu is a page.
“This is the menu”.

PageA is a page.
The cdesc is “Page A”. It is for the Menu. It is a dead-end.
A page-toggle rule for PageA:
say “Blablabla”;
[This is where I want to activate the PageB. In the page-toogle of PageA]

PageB is a page.
The cdesc is “Page B”. It is for Menu. It is an end-page. [Here would be the option to be deactivated from the beginning, but I don’t know how]

You need to activate and deactivate inside of rules.

[code]When play begins:
deactivate PageB.

A page-toggle rule for PageA:
activate PageB.[/code]

Another HC solution for this is page need.

PageB is a Page. "This is page B." The cdesc is "Choice B". It needs PageA.
That means until the player sees PageA, PageB won’t be offered.

This is the opposite of page cancel, where you can remove pages from being offered if the player has seen a page.

PageB is a page. It cancels PageC.

You should be able to phrase them the other way, a page “is needed by” and “is canceled by”…

Thanks. Now I can use that in my menus. Thanks, HanonO.