I wrote HUNTING UNICORN and uploaded it to the IFDB back in November last year, but it’s only today that I realize I should’ve also posted an announcement on this forum. I’m still learning my way around these parts!

The game is a fantasy about a maiden leading a unicorn hunt.

Here is a direct link to play online: … ICORN.html

And here is the IFDB page:

I’d thought about writing it as a short story for months, but when I realized I could write it as a Twine CYOA, everything clicked together. The idea that there is not a single pathway is thematically pivotal. This is something that interactive fiction thrives on, but that static fiction wouldn’t have been able to achieve. There also are not “bad” and “good” endings here. I wanted to write something that would be rounded, although not necessarily pleasant, no matter what pathways players choose.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it! Please let me know if you have any feedback.