Hugor 2.0 released

Hugor is a multimedia interpreter for Hugo games.

Hugor 2.0 if finally released. Almost eight years have passed since the first release, which I pretty much wrote just so I can use Linux to play Cryptozookeeper the way it was intended :smile:

There’s downloads for Linux (64-bit), macOS (10.12 and newer) and Windows (7 and newer.)

The Linux version is now an AppImage – just run the “Hugor.AppImage” app. You can copy it to wherever you want. It’s very similar to a macOS app. It should work out of the box on all reasonably recent distros (the oldest supported distro is Ubuntu 16.04.) There is no 32-bit Linux download (not sure if it’s worth supporting since AppImage is 64bit-only.)

Video is fully supported on all operating systems. On Windows, if you don’t care about video support, you can just keep the “Hugor.exe” file and discard everything else. Currently, The only known game to use video is Future Boy.

Special thanks to @Angstsmurf for testing the macOS port and providing invaluable feedback. :+1:

Downloads and changelog:


Ouh, nice!
Downloading the AppImage (good move ;)). Thank you

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Small v2.1 bugfix release:

  • Fixes an issue where the fullscreen width is too narrow when loading settings stored by Hugor version 1.0.

  • The Linux AppImage now integrates better with the Gnome desktop (native Gnome file dialogs are used when possible, and some missing icons should now show correctly.)

If you didn’t have one of these issues, there’s no need to download the new version.

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(This is hopefully going to be the last bugfix release for a while. )

Version 2.2 fixes an annoying bug where on some systems the interpreter would minimize itself when in fullscreen mode when opening a file dialog or when bringing up the scrollback window:

I hope this means the kinks of the 2.0 release should now be considered ironed out. Thanks everyone for reporting them!

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I wanted to bump this thread because I meant to put a link to where one can download Hugor in the textfile to my comp game, but I didn’t. Nikos has github links, and this page is also really straightforward on IF Wiki for getting the versions for Windows, your Mac and your Linux computer:

I’ve installed Hugor on all three platforms recently and was able to test using all of them. I’ve been making a different, larger Hugo game for a while and tried to do things like see what happens if I leave Hugor up for half a week and resume play, see if it ever crashes or goes weird on its own, test out different audio files, everything. It’s really solid. Anyway, just wanted to bump this since playing Hugo games has never been easier. :slight_smile: