[Hugo] Magic System

Hello all.
So, for Spring Thing 2019, I’ve decided to work on a WiP that never passed the design stages. To cut a long story short, it’s an old-school style game in Hugo, with a magic system.
I’ve looked at the Cardinal’s code, but it’s very out of date and uses a strange way of creating spells. Does anyone know of an easier way to do enchanter-style Magic in Hugo?

Sorry to respond to this so late, but are you still looking for something like this? I once updated Cardinal’s code for my own use, and maybe it would be of some use to you.

Greetings roody. Yes, I’m still interested, although I think folks interested in playing the game may have to wait until later. I honestly forgot about this project; I’m the type of person who has several projects in the pipeline at once (and not all of them are IF related.) You’ll definitely get to see your name in shiny lights, oh wait did I say shiny lights? I meant black and white text in the game credits. :smiley:

I would also be interested in taking a look at this code. I haven’t experimented with Hugo in a while, and this might give me a reason to pick up the language again.

Sorry this is so late again. Besides dealing with some other things in my life, I had to dig up the old code and remind myself exactly what it was. Unfortunately, it isn’t my own implementation of an Enchanter-style system; it’s just an update of the Cardinal’s original code. I made two versions of it, one updated just enough to compile with current official Hugo libraries and one optimized for Roodylib.

I vaguely remember having an interest in coding a whole spell system myself, but I got bogged down in trying to remember the specific spell-remembering rules of those games (like if some spells could be memorized multiple times in your memory queue and if memorization rules applied to all types of spells) and didn’t really feel like replaying them all so I settled for just getting the Cardinal’s code working while entertaining the idea of coding a “spellcasting 101” extension (with its more simplified rules) at a later point.

Anyway, here is the “Roodylib-ized” code:
drive.google.com/file/d/1lH4aK8 … sp=sharing

It includes a somewhat recent version of Roodylib that will work with the code. To be honest, I found some pretty frustrating bugs in my Roodylib libraries somewhere in one of the last official releases, and I’m bad enough at note-taking and source code repositories to be entirely certain which releases were affected. In the years since I last made an update, I’ve been meaning to break down Roodylib into a much more compartmentalized version of itself and release a new official update, but life has been pretty complicated.

Anyhow, I’ll only keep that code up for a week or two before taking it down. The Cardinal’s comments made it pretty clear he didn’t want anyone making changes to his code. I doubt the Cardinal would care much now, wherever he is, but just the same, my code was just a personal exercise and never meant to be shared with the public against those wishes.