Dani Church (not to be confused with Dannii) just informed me that she set up

…so, that happened.

Back when I was an idiot teenager, I used to imagine that there should be a .if top level domain, so the IF Archive could be www.archive.if.

My ISP can’t find that server. (But I can access it if I switch to Google’s DNS services.)

Oh, and I get “Score 36, Moves: 0”. Is that supposed to be the case?

This is Advent.z5 straight off the Archive. That’s what it’s always done.

Relaying from Dani:

“That’s strange. .xyz is a new top level domain, but it is an official top level domain. Maybe your ISP just needs a few days to clear its DNS cache.”

[size=85](If she keeps doing this, I am going to encourage her to get her own intfiction. org acct, because really.)[/size]