the above is a free windows tool, that maps to over 20 different programming languages.
Has anyone used it before? Thoughts?


Oh man, I accidentally clicked on the link instead of this post and I thought somehow this was a spam thing and panicked.

Now I can see it looks really cool. I teach CS and this might be fun for my Python students. Have you tried it?


I have and Python is one of the outputs (although it can run in native flowgorithm). As far as IF goes, probably better for choicetype games and not parsers. Three things I like is to look at the code of many languages derived from one of flowcharts, stepping thru a flowchart 1 step at a time, and variables tracker.

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I’m working on a Cloak of Darkness port with flowcharts, and admit to having alot to learn. First it would be a choice based port, not a parser based. Second, I did get a demo to run in the browser, by asking flowgoirthm tor a javascript translation which I plugged into an HTML skeleton.Third, while this “works”, formatting (appearance) is far less than desirable. So much more to learn.

What at all does this accomplish (besides translating into 20 languages)? When I first joined the forum I was told that few would want my output systems written in BASIC. Second, even if a windows executable, was made, not all have windows. Needed to make something that ran in the browser.

stay tuned.