HTML/expandable invisiclues

Based on Juhana Leinonen’s Invisiclues page I made a PERL invisiclues generator.

The perl script is at This is linked as the forum does not allow a PERL attachment. Sample code it accepts is below.

Quick documentation is:

#usage (file name, .txt optional)

#syntax for a file is
#> = level 1 text heading
#? = beginning of invisiclue clump
#(no punctuation) = each successive clue
#>>, >>>, >>>> = level 2/3/4 etc. headings

[code]!My game

Area 1

Room 1
?how do i do anything?
examine everything.
take everything.
?how do i get to room 2?
go north. Oops! I forgot to mention the exits! Ha ha ha.
room 2
?why is everything so badly implemented?
because I was too lazy.
Area 2
Room 3
?What verb do I need to guess?
No, that’s the verb, investigate.
?Am I really as good-looking as ever?
Your singing is also abominable.
Also, XYZZY isn’t even implemented.
Hey! Real adventurers do not use such language.
Hey! That dangerous act would achieve little.
For your amusement
?Have you tried…
…playing a better game?

This code leads to the following HTML page:

Spoilers and source for larger examples (my comp games, in a fit of shameless self-promotion. Note: for A Roiling Original, the walkthrough is for the soon to be released Beta, so it’s wildly inaccurate) are located at

Threediopolis invisiclues and generator file:

A Roiling Original:

Shuffling Around:

I’m curious if others find this script useful. It can’t replace in-game hints but would seem to do in a pinch. You could have Gargoyle up on one side of the screen and a browser in the other.

ETA: do whatever you like with it. Credit would be nice but I won’t mind if you don’t.

That looks nice! I’m surprised I’ve never seen Juhana’s invisiclues templates before.