How vision works in Kerkerkruip

I never remember exactly how vision works in Kerkerkruip. I forget that the jumping bomb has no eyes. But does that affect it in Phantasmagoria? I don’t remember. How do smoke, blinding light, mirrors, and blindness interact? Is low-light vision useful for anything at all? Scrolls of alteration are fun, but much of the time it’s impossible to understand what the actual effects are. While we’re at it, what does the vial of purification do? It doesn’t remove curses, it doesn’t un-undeadify you, and I’ve never tried it out on disintegrating flesh. Sorry, that was a digression.

People can be eyeless or not eyeless. Anyone who is eyeless is supposed to be able to sense the world without using eyes, so they are immune from being blinded, immune to smoke, immune to the distracting visual illusions in the Phantasmagoria, immune to the blinding light in the Entrance Hall, and so on.

People can be blinded. Being blinded gives you a bunch of combat penalties, but it also makes you immune to the other effects mentioned above. For instance, when you are blind, smoke doesn’t give you any extra penalties, and you cannot be distracted by the Phantasmagoria.

So: being eyeless gives benefits; being blinded gives those same benefits, but also a big combat penalty.

I need to look up the low-light vision mutation, partly because I changed it a couple of times and can’t at the moment remember what I ended up with.

The vial of purification will unghoulify you if you’ve read a scroll of ghoulification. It used to be somewhat better than it is now, so maybe I’ll remove it.

That’s weird. I swear I tried using the vial to unghoulify myself and it didn’t work. I’ll check again sometime.

I don’t know about Kerkerkruip 8, but the code for the vial of purification in my current code – which has changed, because it references the new god Chton – looks good. It should unghoulify you. But that is too situational, I think; so I’m going to have it cure some more stuff.

In Kerkerkruip 9, the vial of purification will also cure blindness and the disintegrating flesh mutation.

Also, I have renamed “darkvision” to “eyeless vision,” because that is what it is.

My main concern with darkvision was flash grenades. I think in the game where I got it, I put on a blindfold and threw a flash grenade, and the grenade blinded me.

“Eyeless vision” makes it sound like you’re still vulnerable to visual distractions, flashes, and smoke. Maybe “sightless perception” would be a better term if that’s not the case?

What about hiding and the psychedelic cloak?