How to Use Values as a measure of time.

I’m working on a project in which the player must decide when to go to sleep for the day, thereby moving the plot forward. So far, I have days set up into individual scenes as such: Day One is a scene. Day Two is a scene. Day Two begins when Day One ends. What I’m trying to do is set up some kind of numerical indicator so that when the player chooses to sleep I can have something to the effect of:

Instead of sleeping: if the player is in the barracks: say "you go to sleep etc." Now Day is 2.

Of course this code doesn’t work but what I’m attempting to do is something to this effect where I can assign a varying numerical value to a letter such as T or a word like Day that will change each time the player sleeps but so far I can’t find anything to specifically address this in the handbook.

If anyone can help I’d be grateful!

I7 has a built-in mechanism for keeping track of time, so you may want to look into that. However, if your question is just how to set up a number variable, you can use a statement like: Day is a number that varies. Then, when you want to change its value (such as when a player sleeps) you can use (I believe) “increment day by 1.” This will not itself trigger the scene changes, but you could add “Day One ends when Day is 2” and “Day Two begins when Day One ends” to have the scenes follow the days.

There’s probably a better way to do all of this – I’m sure somebody who knows a lot more than I do will suggest it.

Robert Rothman

Edit: I just saw that you’ve already gotten the answer in the other forum.