How to Use the Inform 7 Windows IDE with NVDA

I’ve put together some information for authors who use the Inform 7 Windows IDE with the NVDA screen reader, or for anyone wanting to improve its accessibility. At the moment it breaks down the functions of the program, and the varying degrees of access that a screen reader user has to those functions. It also gives some tips for navigating the less accessible parts of the software, where applicable. It is designed to be a living document that anyone can add to.

I regret that I wasn’t able to provide information for other screen readers such as JAWS, I certainly don’t wish to exclude authors who don’t use NVDA. If you do use another screen reader and wish to contribute tips, please do. We can always change the name of the repository.

The document is primarily aimed at the Inform 7 author who may be put off by the more unfriendly aspects of the software. To accommodate as many skill levels as possible, I have attempted to keep technical information about the bugs to a minimum. If you’re interested in that information, send me a PM.

If you aren’t on GitHub and wish to contribute, feel free to use this thread to give feedback or suggestions.

I hope this is of use to someone, and that future revisions of the software make this information unnecessary!

Happy designing,