How to use a two stats bar

Story Format: sugarcube

I am using this template: Twine/Sugarcube 2 Template by a.w. morgan

which has a two stats bar. I know how to put the bar on a passage and how to put the stats in it but I have no idea about the variables part.

Like, when the character gains/loses a stat, how is the coding/variables I have to use. For example, for a “extrovert” vs “introvert” traits… when the character do something with a extrovert tag, how do I do to add points to the extrovert variable and at the same time remove from the introvert variable, keeping a balance between the two.

I dont know if I am explaining this right, english is not my native language, sorry guys :frowning:


Don’t track opposing stats separately, simply use a single variable to track the stat’s balance. So, for example, the $extrovert variable at 0 would represent a total introvert, and at 100 would represent a total extrovert. You’d subtract from that variable to make them more introverted and add to it to make them more extroverted.

Hopefully that makes sense and answers your questions. :slight_smile:

that totally makes sense! I wont be able to use this method on this two-stas bar i’m using tho, because in it I have to put two variables… but well, i can discard this bar and use only your method, is fine too! thanks!

You can probably still use it, just pass $extrovert as one value and (100 - $extrovert) as the other.

You’re a genius!! Thank you so much!!