How to transport a project which uses Unicode art?

For the last 1.2 years I’ve been making a very expansive text-game adventure game which instead of standard text uses Unicode symbols to draw scenes- streets, windows, trees, etc. I have been developing online on one computer (as the offline version started acting weird because of these symbols) but now I have gotten a new one I would like to transfer the project file, however publishing to a file/proofing copy, and the uploading the .html distorts pretty much every passage by deleting all non-standard space characters and replaces some symbols with others.
Could there be a way of transferring such a project without distorting the passages? This could save me ~30h of work. I am using Harlowe 3.1.0.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! : )

I’m not sure where you’re transferring or what method of transfer you’re using… but if you’re using an FTP app or something similar like WinSP, try transferring it as binary instead of text, even though it’s text. It should hopefully transfer without any alterations.

You probably just need to switch to a monospace font within a <pre> element to prevent the distortion.

Thank you all for the replies. To my surprise, the project magically fixed itself, so all is good!