How to send someone a Choicescript game?

I’ve been learning Choicescript and have a game started, but I’m curious what to send someone in order for them to be able to play the game–there isn’t just one file, but a whole bunch of folders full of things, some of which read from each other. When I’ve tried sending it before, it came out wrong on the other end, so I was obviously doing it wrong. I know about using dashingdon for hosting so I can show it to people, but if I wanted to submit it a comp or to Sub-Q or any other thing where I’d have to send actual files, what would go and how do I arrange it? If anyone has experience with this, it’d be great!

Zip the whole folder. Here, I’ve got an example for you: … NKBqa?dl=0

By downloading that folder as ZIP, I can play that choicescript game offline, no problem. That’s how you send it.

And I’d be personally very thankful if you always shared that offline version as well as the online version. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks! So if I just replace the text files in this one with the text files from mine, it will work as mine?

I’m not sure I follow. The link was an example of how to distribute a CS game - you zip up the whole folder and send it to someone. You don’t have to download anything from that link, or replace anything. Just zip up your own folder - all of it. Inform whoever wants to play it that the playable file is in “mygame/index.html” (it’s usually the case).

Are you sure? I thought that it wouldn’t work with some browsers (Chrome); there’s a security feature against reading local files.

Ah, well, I know it works in Firefox and that I’m sure about. :slight_smile:

Also… what the heck kind of a feature is that? That’s not a feature, that’s a cripple!

EDIT - It also works on my iPod using Mercury - which I use because, surprise surprise, it’s the only browser I’ve found for the iPod Touch that not only reads local files (that in itself seems unique!) but will also allow those files to open other resource files. Sweet.

There is an IDE that is community made and sort of beta. You may need to fiddle with it, but it will export a single HTML file. Only other files you need is if you have additional graphics or sound. I think there’s a “raw” view you can paste your text into - possibly scene by scene. … main.html#

Well, when I tried sending someone the whole folder, it didn’t work, but this doesn’t have just the whole game folder, but all the extra stuff that’s outside of that that comes in the main Choicescript folder. If I zipped THAT, it would have ALL the games I’m working on in it. That’s why I was curious if the folder you used as an example would work if I just replaced the text files in it with the text files I’m using. The text files are pretty much the only thing that changes, right?

Way out of my league now, buddy. Waaaay out. But the link I shared was only as an example, I didn’t even ask the author, and I’d be mighty uncomfortable if you were to use it as a template. Theoretically it’s all fine, unless you forget to replace a file or another and it comes up later.

I mean, we’re not talking law or lawsuits, obviously, just ethics. I’d encourage you to, instead, check out Hanon’s brilliant suggestion.

Well, I just meant reusing all these bats and jisses and stuff, not any part the game itself. But Hanon’s site works great and cuts out all that extra stuff entirely (or puts it in the HTML somewhere, since I assume it’s necessary for the game to work) so I can just use that. Thanks for all your help!

As a note to other people asking the same question! If you have the most recent version of Choicescript, you can compile your game and get a single file to send to them. Then they can open that file in most browsers (I’ve tested it on Chrome and Firefox, and had playtesters use it on others) without needing to unzip a folder or navigate through it.

All you do is open compile.html from the main folder, and it’ll compiled whatever game you have in your /mygame/ folder, then give you a link to the resulting file to save where/as you like.

Further to the above, ChoiceScript games hosted on the dedicated CS WIP host can now be uploaded as either a full set of scene files or a single ‘Compiled Game’ HTML file. Moreover, if using the latter it can also be marked as able to be downloaded by any user for offline play / thorough testing. is a little shy about blowing its own trumpet but any new CS author looking for a decent place to freely host & beta test their game can check out a feature list for on the ChoiceScriptDev Wiki: