How to save a running game's html to disk?

Tweego v2.1.1
SugarCube v2.36.1

Is there any way to save a running game to disk as a working html file?

When a Twee (twine) game has been published as a single html file, with no explicit references to any external files, I had hoped that doing a “save page as…” from the browser’s RMB context menu would result in a usable html (or htm) file.

Unfortunately, it does not.

While most of the actions available in the right-hand game-context window seem to work, none of the links in the left-hand UI column do anything at all. For example, one gets a “No” icon (circle with a slash through it) when the cursor is hovered over the game history navigation icons at the top of the UI column. The buttons at the bottom of the UI column (like “Save” and “Restart”) also are non-responsive, as is the “Stow UI column” icon.

Is there any way around this?


I had hoped to provide a rather large game privately on, but if the player can’t make a local copy, eliminating the need to download it every time, that’s rather inconvenient.

For testing, a minimal “game” is currently available at

This “game” consists only of a link to an “End” passage and a minimal UI column. However, the same symptoms are experienced if you do a “save page as…” with any twee/twine game that you run from a local file.


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Never mind.

If one hovers the cursor over the URL and does a “save link as…”, then the resulting htm file works fine.

I think I need to get some sleep…