How to repeat through list of rooms in a region in IF7?

This question is probably simple.
I want to add scenery to a list of rooms in a region.
Say the night sky in outdoors. And the night sky should be in every room of the region.
How would I do that?

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The cleanest way to do this is a backdrop object. See 3.9. Backdrops.

But there is also a syntax to loop through every room in a region:

repeat with loc running through all rooms in Outdoors:
    say "[the loc] is outdoors."

I confused backdrop with scenery. Thank you very much!


@Thomas_Insel answered your intent, but for reference, rooms in [region name] or rooms contained by [region name] is the answer to your question as asked, so either of these would work (and they include indirect containment, i.e., rooms in regions where those regions themselves are directly or indirectly contained by the named region):

let l1 be the list of rooms contained by outdoors;
repeat with place running through the rooms in outdoors:

But there are no rooms enclosed by [region name] nor rooms held by [region name], so those won’t do you any good, because Inform.