How to publish a Twine to a custom URL?

Hello! Apologies in advance for the newbie question. Once I have created the Twine file of my finished project, how do I get it to show up on a custom URL? I have previously used Weebly, so I was thinking I could create a Weebly site and buy a custom URL and publish the Twine file there. But I can’t find any instructions for publishing a twine file to Weebly. But it doesn’t have to be Weebly - I just want to find a place to publish my Twine, preferably with a custom URL, and I am not sure how to do that. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


I’m not a Twine head, but my understanding was you need somewhere you can drag and drop an HTML file into, which is something you’re typically softlocked out of with most website builders now. I’m pretty sure Neocities would be pretty straightforward, but we’ll both have to wait for someone more knowledgeable to come along to see if there are any workarounds for things like weebly or squarespace. Wish I could provide more than that.

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I usually use, which requires you to upload a ZIP file with all of your files (assuming you have images, etc.). There is no individual file management.

There is a list of other hosting option here. One hosting option not mentioned on that page is IF Archive, which seems to require ZIP files as well.

If you are not happy with the default URL, you can use link shorteners like TinyURL.


You can upload it to a Wordpress site; I don’t know if you can make it so that leads directly to the Twine file, but you can create a link, at least.

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And there is the option to buy webspace and domain. The provider normally gives instructions how to upload HTML pages. Some providers have a tool to upload stuff by drag and drop in the browser. (Other providers expect you to use an FTP tool.)

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This used to be the only option back in the day.

I use github pages to host, linked with a custom domain