how to print the same message every other turn?

I am trying to make the game print a message (in the style of “You’ve left the fridge door open.”) every other player turn, because I feel that if it’s printed every turn, it’s appearing too often. I approached this problem with scenes, and they have every turn rules, but not ‘every other turn’ rules or such. I could not find anything in the documentation. Please help…

You’ll need to reference the turn count to do something like that.

Every turn when the turn count is even and the refrigerator is open: say "You've left the fridge door open."

Every second turn may still quite a lot, I feel. I might be tempted to instead use a random chance of 1 in 5 for a reminder like that, subject to testing just how annoying it feels.

In the specific scenario of the open fridge, I might actually just go and prevent the player from leaving the house with the fridge open though.

Instead of going through the front door when the refrigerator is open: Say "You pause, certain that you have forgotten something - right, you've left the fridge open!"

Great, thanks! :slight_smile: