How to prevent the game from describing something

I am developing a game where each room has multiple doors
I get an annoying text like there are three doors here.
How can I stop the game from telling whether the player can see any door or not?

Most simply, you can make stuff that you don’t want listed scenery.

The big red door is scenery.

or, if you want to make all of the doors obscure:

A door is usually scenery.

(In that case, you’d better mention those exits somewhere in the room description, or the player is likely to get lost and annoyed.)

For more complicated control over which objects get mentioned when the player enters a room or uses LOOK, you want to take a look at the Activities chapter of the manual, which has a number of different tools (such as listing nondescript items of something) for fine-tuning this behaviour.

The best way to do this would be to add this.

For printing a locale paragraph about a door (called the item) (this is the don't mention doors in room descriptions rule): set the locale priority of the item to 0; continue the activity.

Hope this helps.

What is a scenery exactly by the way?

‘Scenery’ is a property of a thing; things that are scenery are not listed after room descriptions or in inventory listings, and are immobile (insofar as the player can’t pick them up and move them around).

These qualities of scenery objects can be set individually as “undescribed” and “fixed in place”. But undescribed, portable objects should be used with some care - the thing with scenery objects is that they’re not listed when looking in a room, but since you know where they are you can (and usually should) mention them in the room description.

Also scenery supporters and containers will show up when looking in a room if there is something “normal” in or on the thing. IIRC.

We started out talking about doors, though. Doors are fixed in place by definition. And an “undescribed” door is blocked, like a secret door that the player doesn’t know about.

To make a door that is not listed as a separate object in the room description, it’s easiest to make it scenery.

Zarf’s right, of course. I forgot the original context of the question. And I never ran into the “can’t go through undescribed doors rule” before.

Also, for completeness: “undescribed” and “scenery” are different properties, a thing which is scenery is not automatically undescribed or vice versa, and the “don’t mention scenery in room descriptions” rule and “don’t mention undescribed items in room descriptions” rule are different (but nearly identical) rules.