How to play Future Boy! right now?

So I’ve played through every XYZZY Best Game Nominee except for Finding Martin and Future Boy! (I’ve also decided to skip Rob Sherwin’s games and Mentula Macanis).

Future Boy!'s website says that you can’t currently buy it. The demo section says the demo is unavailable. The forum section says the forum is down.

I see there is a demo available on IFDB/ifarchive, but is there anyway to play the whole game? Or is the demo itself the whole game?

I PM’d you.

Also, Future Boy!'s readme says it can only be played in the future. That’s why you’re finding yourself unable to play it in the present. And especially not Right Now.


Aw, but how could he know that without the readme? 'Tis a paradox! A paradox that starts even before playing the game!

Wow. That’s actually rather brilliant.

Hello intfiction forum.
I too really wish to play the full version, but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere on the net.
If anyone owns a full game, i’m willing to pay for it.

Agreed. I’ve wanted a copy of the game for a while now. If anyone has the game, mind sending a copy?

I wouldn’t mind playing this too. It’s it a home. It’s the demo the game?

I received a copy by emailing the proprietors. I don’t have it any more, though. But if they responded to me they may respond to others.

Thanks. And also thanks reading beyond my nonsensical last two sentences.