How to play Beyond Zork and Zork Zero?

What interpreter besides DOSBOX would you use to play these?

Zork Zero seems to have graphics, and Beyond Zork doesn’t even use a basic
Infocom format.

Check out this thread:


Wikipedia lists Zork Zero as a z6 file, but there are all the graphics.

It looks like you can stream Zork Zero and Beyond Zork online in an emulator. I guess this is legit if it’s impossible to run otherwise, and may not allow saves.

Zork Zero is a Z-code version 6 game. On Windows, Windows Frotz can play them; on OSX Zoom can too. There are other interpreters that support Z-code version 6. I don’t know why you say that Beyond Zork doesn’t use the standard Infocom format, as that’s not correct - it’s just a Z-code version 5 game.

I think the complications with Beyond Zork have to do with the fact that it wants to use VT220 commands and characters.

On Linux, both grotz and xfrotz work pretty well for Zork Zero (and the other v6 games).
Frotz is mostly fine for Beyond Zork, but all the characters will be plain ASCII.

As a warning: Zork Zero has at least one puzzle that requires you to consult the feelies. (I think it is possible to find scans online somewhere, or at least the necessary information in a sparser format.)