How to override exponent display?

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Last question for the weekend, as I lean on the community for a lot:

How can I limit the display of exponents? I need a number to be 5319009 not what the parser rounds up and displays as 5.31901^6. How can I change the default to a greater number of digits until exponents are used or not to use exponents at all?

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Wait a minute–aren’t those nines supposed to be eights?

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Could be either, I suppose, if you don’t mind mixed-case words

Assuming that your real number is within the limits of integer numbers, the simplest answer to your question is:

say <a_real_number> to the nearest whole number.

You can avoid the use of exponents by

say <a_real_number> in decimal notation.

but this leaves you with a .0 at the end of whole numbers, which can’t be simply removed without a little bit of text manipulation.

The first suggestion works because it converts the real number to an integer number before saying it.

See Writing with Inform Chapter 15, first few sections.

I don’t think so, 9 makes an upside-down b. 8 might work but not as well.

Thank you for your help!

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