how to make it so you can talk to the characters

how do you make it o you can ask or tell a characer in the game.
i tried using after asking and instead of but that didnt work
i even looked in the examples but i only found ask someone to do something and ask someone about an object.
nothing about how to make a regular ask and tell

If you want your askings to be about strings rather than objects, After asking (or Instead) should work, as long as you put the string you’re asking about in quotation marks. Like this:

[code]The Kitchen is a Room.

Bob is a man in the Kitchen. The spoon is in the Kitchen.

After asking Bob about “spoon”: say “Bob says, ‘Sure, the spoon.’”
After asking Bob about “xyzzy”: say “Bob says, ‘Oh, that isn’t implemented in this game.’”[/code]

Notice that “spoon” is in quotation marks–it doesn’t matter for the rule we’ve written that the spoon is also an object in the game. And “xyzzy” isn’t otherwise in the game but the player can still type ASK BOB ABOUT XYZZY and get the response, becauze “xyzzy” matches that rule.

The example in the documentation that shows off this kind of conversation (with some more complex examples) is Sybil 1.

thanks i think i got it now ill try it out :slight_smile: hopefully it works now that i know what i did wrong / know what to do :exclamation: