how to make inside of a vehicle lit

i made this vehicle called mustang [i dont know why i called it that :laughing: ]

anyways i made the vehicle be closable and lockable… when the car closes its dark and was wondering if there was a way to light it up.

i tried: instead of pushing the button: say "you push the button and the ara lights up"; now the inside of the car is light [i also tried lit)
i know i wasnt thinking i wouldnt beable to see the button anyway…

sorry just saying, there probably isnt a way to make he inside of the car be lit up but if so i will be grateful for everyones help

There are several ways, depending on what you want. If you want to keep the car as a container, you might want to make it transparent. This allows light from the outside, and lets the player see what is outside. If you don’t want the player to see outside, it might be better to re-make the car as a separate room. Or, you could add a device inside the car which is fixed in place and when switched on provides light.

The problem with “now the car is lit” is that Inform first needs to be told to assign a binary lit/unlit property to the car. Then you can set it at will.

The car can be lit. The car is unlit.

instead of pushing the button:
    say "you push the button and the area lights up";
    now the car is lit. 

This will have the effect of making the car a source of light in its location, as well as lighting the interior. If you want only the inside to be lit, then you’ll need to put a lamp object inside the car and give that the lit/unlit property instead.

Also, at present the player will be unable to push the button when the car is dark, because they can’t see it. To enable this, add this line.

After deciding the scope of the player in the car: place the button in scope.

Of course, depending on exactly what you’re wanting, simply making the car transparent (as Fictitious suggests) is probably the easiest way to handle this.

No, there already is such a property. (Can be applied to all things.)

Yes, the problem was “now the inside of the car is lit”–“inside of the car” isn’t an object in the game world.

My mistake—I thought I’d checked that.

Edit: Ah, looks like I got confused between “lit” and “lighted”, not for the first time.