how to make characters?

i got mostly everything in the game right but the characters is what im having trouble/dont understand
i made this object called bartender…
it said when i tried to give it something that it needs to be animated to do that… ok how?
cause im stuck a bit

(im still new to inform but im getting the hang of it… so far its working well)

Make the bartender a “person” rather than a “thing”. That’ll allow GIVE, ASK, TELL…

Have you looked at the Recipe Book at all? The chapter on other characters might be helpful.

Recipe book i dont know i been reading this documentation is that therecipe book? im confused (thanks forthe help it worked)

Go to the main page of the documentation (click on the house at the top when you’re looking at the documentation, or click on the circle with the arrow in it between the left and right arrows when you’re looking at a specific documentation page–at least, that’s how it looks on the Mac). There are two tables of contents there–the one on the left is for “Writing with Inform,” which is probably the one you’ve been reading, and the one on the right is “The Inform Recipe Book,” which is mostly a bunch of examples organized by topic.

The Inform 7 documentation for the latest release is also available online.