how to make an action using values?

ok i am trying to make my cooking game be realistic so i wanted to add a temperature scale
or whatever you call it how do you use numbers in actions…

like this:

timer is an action applying to one topic

sept i want numbers not erm letters

i want to make it where you set the food to cook at a specific temp and i think im going to make a timer for this too
but i am working on temp right now

is it possible to make some kind of thing to make it to where like lets say you have a turkey setted to what 2.01@ [erm im not good i never cooked for real before so if thats a bad temp forgive me [i mean i have just erm not a stove specifically]] and if you left it in to long it would burn thats what i mean by i want to make it realistic to where the food can burn in the game if its left on the stove or in the oven to long.

do i just use value instead of topic…?

i know i may have to make a few set ups for the action but i just wanted to know is the numbers topics to or just letters? and if so whats for numbers…

sorry if that didnt make sense a bit i tried to explain the best i could but i guess i made a few confusions, i hope i didnt confuse anyone…

You can define an action as applying to a number like this:

Timing is an action applying to one number. Understand "time [number]" as timing.

(and then in rules for the number, you’d refer to “the number understood” to find the number the player typed. So if they typed “time 4” then the number understood would be 4.)

That might not be exactly what you wanted, though. Depending on how finely you want to make the player execute the commands, you might want to have them type something like “Cook turkey at 450”. To do that you could have:

Cooking it at is an action applying to one thing and one number. Understand "cook [something] at [number]" as cooking it at.

You need to call the action “cooking it at” so Inform knows that the action is called “cooking the turkey at 450,” not “cooking the turkey 450.”

Hope this is helpful!