how to make actions and verbs?

Hello I was thinking about making a game that has magic
like spells
I wanted to make an action or verb for the casting
I make actions but they never work. cause I don’t know how t give actions a perpose you know like what theyre supposed to do.

casting  is an action applying to 1 thing,

that’s as far as I get I don’t know whats next at all.
and I don’t know if theres a way I can make spells for that action/verb

I don’t know how to make a verb if that’s needed too I very confused

if I spell something wrong im very sorry my keyboard is sticking.

Pretty sure that there is a thingo in the Recipe book about making magic “casting”.

Check out section “12.7. New actions” on the manual. The three key components are creating an action with a line similar to what you have (but don’t say “applying to 1 thing”. This shorthand isn’t I7-friendly), using an “Understand” line to define which command actions will trigger the action, and then using “Carry out” or “Instead” rules as you would with any other action to make stuff happen.

You’ll want to decide whether you want the spells to be separate items, or whether you want each action to be a spell in itself. Meaning, do you want to be able to “cast _____” and have the blank space be anything, or whether you just want an action for each spell.

The latter is probably easiest. In which case you’d have stuff like…

[code]Rezroving is an action applying to one thing. Understand “rezrov [something]” and “cast rezrov at [something]” as rezroving. [Rezrov is usually the “unlock locked things” spell]

Carry out rezroving (this is the block rezroving rule):
say “That ain’t rezrovable. Read the spellmanual, dude.”

Frotzing is an action applying to one thing. Understand “frotz [something]” and “cast frotz at [something]” as frotzing. [This is usually the "create light centered in object spell]

Carry out frotzing (this is the block frotzing rule):
say “Nah, it’s bright enough already.”[/code]


thanks that helped for making the action but I cant seem to make it do something…

I tried using instead of casting after casting ect but they all give me the same result: > cast ice path - > all I understood was cast [well something like that.]
I tried after, instead of, nothing worked…
I keep trying same result?

ok I got it I forgot the [something] in the understand part