how to make a wait in script?

i want to make this thing happen after several minutes or seconds
is it possible to make a wait in the script

<<< something like that then after make the script of what happens

If you’re talking about game time, you can do something like this:


Boring Place is a room. "You're in a boring place. Nothing cool is happening."

When play begins:
	now the time of day is 12:00 PM;
	now the right hand status line is "[time of day]";
	the cool thing happens at 12:05 PM.
At the time when the cool thing happens:
	say "A very cool thing has happened."

Check out Chapter 9 of Writing with Inform for more on this.

If you’re talking about real time, then I think you’ll have to turn to an extension (look here, check for newer versions here) or do some glulx hacking in I6. This old thread might be of interest.

no i dont mean real time, just game time thank you :slight_smile: ill try it thanks :slight_smile: