How to make a transparent "convenience" kind?

Hey, beginner here making my first game! I had a question about how to make a lot of complicated objects.

For example, maybe I want 50 potions, all of which are red, bubbling, and restore 50hp each. My instinct is to make an elabroate on a new kind called “healing potion” with all of those properties. I still want the player to just see “50 red bubbling potions” instead of “50 healing potions” (internal kind names should never print). I tried doing something like the following, but I ran into problems with plurals and grouping.

"test" by "Why".

A sword is a kind of thing. The description is "A normal looking sword".

A cursed sword is a kind of sword. The printed name is "sword". The description is "The sword glows black".

The Arena is a room. 10 cursed swords are here. The player is here.

Test all with "look / take one sword / i"

When I run it, the inventory lists “sword”, etc. But the room description or inventory prints “ten cursed swords”–it’s using the kind name still in plurals.

How can I fix the problem? Or maybe a better question, is there a better way to go about this?

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Well, I’m answering my own question. There are two parts.

  1. It turns out if you type “sixteen cursed swords”, inform doesn’t recognize it the same way it does for “ten cursed swords”–you need to use a number. That was my main problem.
  2. You need to set the “plural printed name” (found in the Standard Rules, which in turn I don’t know how to find but I googled)
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