How to make a test/quiz (not relating to IF)

Hello guys

So I’m interested in making/coding a test that looks similar to the RIASEC test— It just opens in your browser, has a white background, and has multiple choice options that instantly move you to the next question but still allows you to redo the previous answer. No images, backgrounds, or anything distracting.

I know a little bit of HTML, but not much else, although I know it’ll probably use JavaScript or something, which I could probably learn if I really wanted to. So, this comes to my main points: What is required to make a test similar to that? What program/website/thing should I use to make it?

Thanks guys all help appreciated

oh also I want it to show your score at the end too, I forgot to say that

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I’m sure there are lots of tools you could use. Google Forms is one.


Do you need to store the test results and have users login to identify which results belong to whom?

Edit: Also, how many questions do you plan on having in the test?


No, people don’t have to login. I don’t have a exact number of questions but probably at a minimum, it would be like 20 questions. I just want it at the end and your score pops up, like for example if you got all the answers right, it would be 100%.

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Yeah, I actually use a couple quiz making things like Typeform, Google forms, and Quotev, which I all really like and use. But for this specific test I want it to be different and I haven’t had any luck finding sources that could give me the look I want. lol

Twine would be just fine then. Harlowe (the default story format) will do everything you need without much hassle.

I do recommend using the desktop app, as your data will be stored on your own hard-drive that way.

Then you can ask questions in the Twine forums here if you encounter any tricky parts.

The Cookbook is a great place to start.

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Oh yeah I didn’t even think about using twine C: I’ll definitely do that

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