how to install built-in extension?


I have Epistemology version 5 and want to update to the latest version 6, which is supposed to be built in to Inform (I have v. 6G60 of Inform 7). Eric suggested that I delete it from its folder and then Inform 7 would use the version that’s built in, but after deleting it, I’m getting a message that says “Problem. You wrote ‘Include Epistemology by Eric Eve’ : but I can’t find that extension, which seems not to be installed. (You can get hold of extensions which people have made public at the Inform website.).”

But the extension isn’t available there, since it’s built in!!!

Thanks for any help with this.


Hopefully somebody with greater knowledge will suggest a better way, but I suppose if worst comes to worst you could uninstall and then reinstall Inform 7 (which would presumably include resinstalling any built-in extensions).

Robert Rothman

What OS is this on? After deleting the Epistemology extension, start Inform 7 and select “Help on Installed Extensions” on the Help menu. What’s listed on the resulting page?