How to get item from NPC when ask about topic?

I’ve been working on this for over a week!!!

I have an NPC- say “Bob” and I need him to give the player an object, say “Apple” when the player asks him about a topic, say, “Eve” but I can’t seem to code it correctly.
I’ve tried everything I can possibly find in the IF handbook, Jim Aiken’s handbook, recipe book, extensions… screams

Basically what I want to happen is,
If the player asks Bob about Eve, bob says (whatever) and moves apple to player (or gives to player, etc, so long as player then has object.)
I would also like to do something like, if the player asks bob about doughnut, the player dies blah blah blah.

Any suggestions would be immensely helpful. Thanks :*

Here’s a simple way to do it:

Paradise is a room. 

Bob is a person in Paradise. Bob carries an apple. 

Table of Bob's Replies
Topic	Replies
"eve"		"[apple]"

To say apple:
	if Bob carries an apple:
		say "Bob says, 'here you go.' ";
		try Bob giving an apple to the player;
		say "Bob says, 'sorry, I gave my apple to Eve.' ".

This is the custom block giving rule: 
	if the actor is Bob:
		say "[bold type](here is our custom rule when Bob gives)[roman type]";
		say "[bold type](here is our custom rule for anyone else giving)[roman type]".
The custom block giving rule is listed instead of the block giving rule in the check giving it to rulebook.
After asking Bob about a topic listed in the Table of Bob's replies, say replies entry. 

test me with "ask bob about eve / g / give apple to bob"

In the custom rule you’ll want to add whatever specific behaviour is necessary to check giving, as you may not always want the player giving whatever to whomever (as I understand it).