How to format my project aesthetics like this storybook look?

I’m looking to have my project look similar to the image linked below, with the text aligning to the right (to fit within the right page) and the image to the left (again, to fit the left page). I’m using Harlowe 2.0.1

Any help is very much appreciated!

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You will have to use some combination of CSS.

There are many options to balance content using CSS. My recommendation would be to use Flexbox. It only works in newer browsers, but it is the cleanest of the many methods.

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I appreciate the assistance, I was able to create what I was after using the methods in this Reddit post:

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Nice job, looks like the all-helpful Mad Exile is on the case too. :slight_smile:

Is the above statement in relation to answer found in the linked reddit thread, because if it is then that answer was supplied by Greyelf (who is definitely not the same person as TheMadExile). :smile:

I meant in the reddit comments, he is in there somewhere. Would be cool to see him on here too. He is quite the guru.

The Shadow knows…. Err, I mean I am here.

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