How to examine the room you're in

This is not a question, but a trick I just stumbled on, that I thought someone might care about. As ArchdukeJames once said, “How presumptuous, right?”

There was something that I didn’t like. If “tent” is the name of your room, then “tent” has a description, which is the description of the entire room. Perhaps:

If you’re a player like me, you like to examine every single thing mentioned in the description. But if you’re in the tent, and you say:

>look at tent You can't see any such thing.

It doesn’t even give you the room description again! Not to mention the fact that you might want to give a more intuitive description of the item itself.

And of course if you try to call something else the tent and put that in the tent, the compiler doesn’t like that.

But then I thought of this:

The canvas is scenery in the tent. Understand "tent" as canvas. The description of the canvas is "It's olive drab, old and worn."

Just find a synonym, name it as scenery, and write a description for it. Now when you look at an item suggested by the very room name itself, you don’t get that terrible “You can’t see any such thing” message.

PS: I know that “look” will get the player the room description again, but I don’t think the player should be prevented from trying the perfectly reasonable “look at tent”.