How to enchant Harlowe links so that text inside the hook fades in?

Hi all,

I use a lot of (link:) effects in the game I am building and I nest them so the player can have interactivity. So it might look like

(link: “Open the chest”) [The chest is filled with neatly folded clothes. Most of it is moth eaten, but your eye is drawn to a cloak that (link: “shimmers when you look at it”)[Blah blah more story]]

I would like it so that every time the player clicks a link, there is a brief delay and the text within the link hook fades in. I think this is more enjoyable than the text immediately appearing when clicked.

When I made a previous game in Sugar Cube, I was able to make this effect work by adding t8n to all of the link replaces. I want to use Harlowe for the game I’m making now, but I’m struggling to make this effect work.

I tried adding an enchantment to the header that reads (enchant: ?link, (t8n:‘dissolve’))

This causes the link text itself to fade in, but not the hook that lives inside the link. So in this case, “shimmers when you look at it” would fade in appropriately, but the “most of it is moth eaten…” text would just instantly appear.

I’ve also tried adding +(t8n:‘dissolve’) to each of my links manually. This creates the desired effect of making all the text fade in, but it create a weird formatting bug (a line break will appear while the text is fading in and then when it finishes fading the line break will disappear.) It’s also a real pain to add it to every single link.

Can anyone assist? I’m using harlowe 3.22