How to do conditional line breaks in Harlowe?

I want to create a list of things that may or may not appear depending on certain variables. I initially had this:

(if: $life is 1)[[[Your life->Life]]] (if: $gloom is 1)[[[Your gloom->Gloom]]] (if: $mind is 1)[[[Your mind->Mind]]]

But it left black gaps when the variables were not 1.

So I tried the following:

[code](if: $life is 1)[[[Your life
(if: $gloom is 1)[[[Your gloom-

(if: $mind is 1)[[[Your mind

Which displayed properly, but none of the links worked.

Any suggestions? Also, is there an easy way of uniformly making all click-replace macros start with red text instead of blue?

Nevermind, I figured out how to do it. The following code works:

(if: $gloom is 1)[ (link-goto: "Your gloom. ", "Gloom")]\

I still can’t figure out how to make replace-links red, though.

I figured out the second part, too:

I added the following line to the CSS style sheet (after selecting that option on the drop-down menu)

tw-enchantment[class = “link enchantment-link”] {color:red;}