How to display a multiline StoryTitle field?

Tweego Version: 2.1.1+81d1d71 (2020-02-25T07:09:26Z) [windows/amd64]
Story Format: SugarCube v 2.30.0

Is there any way to specify a StoryTitle passage so that the story’s title includes a line break?

Unfortunately, including an explicit line separator (Enter) within the StoryTitle passage results in an infinite loop when the Web page is evaluated.

I’d like the results shown in the left-hand column to look something like

My Series
1: Introductory Story

with the second line at the same text size as the main title
There also will be a subtitle, so I can’t use StorySubtitle

In Twine 2.x the Story Title is also used as a means to identify the project, and adding non-standard things like line-breaks or images/icons to that title can cause strange things to occur. (as you found out the hard way)

This is one of the reasons that newer releases of SugarCube now include the StoryDisplayTitle special Passage.

Thanks! That did what I wanted.