How to display a banner in TADS 3?

How can one display a banner? I thought I would just have to print the banner codes, such as modifying the example game like follows.

entryway: Room 'Entryway'
    "<banner id=mybanner align=bottom height=100><p>Hello, banner</p></banner>
    This large, formal entryway is slightly intimidating:
    the walls are lined with somber portraits of gray-haired
    men from decades past; a medieval suit of armor<<describeAxe>>
    towers over a single straight-backed wooden chair.  The
    front door leads back outside to the south.  A hallway leads
    north. "

But that does not work. I see nothing at the bottom of my screen, not even a line or space suggesting anything has been reserver for it. The documentation here has nothing about how to properly show it, only how to code it. What is missing? Is this a typo, or do I have to execute the banner html somehow specially?

HTML banners are TADS 2. In TADS 3, banners are created using a library API. See:

For a perhaps easier way to create banners, use Eric Eve’s extension, customBanner.t, which comes pre-installed by default in lib/extensions:

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Thank you, I’ll probably experiment with the extension.