how to disclaimer


Regarding potentially questionable content (for the sake of the story, of course), is there a disclaimer that completely frees the author and anyone involved directly or indirectly (like the people who made Inform 7 and the people who made the extensions I use and the interpreters the player are using to play it and the people who made the devices and operating systems they’re using etc…) from the fact that the stuff in the story has… … well,

I don’t wanna give parts of the plot away but let’s just take a close-by bad thing and go with slavery.
or murder. that kind of bad shit.

I’m not just talking about illegal - I’m talking about unethical. things that are by definition such enormous dick moves that there’s no way in hell to rationalize them.

So, know of any good lawyerspeak that doesn’t slam a reader with a wall of text? because what I have right now is HUGE (double entendre intentional).

Not sure why you need a disclaimer? A little note at startup saying “this game contains potentially objectionable material, including references to…” might be appreciated, but I don’t think there’s need for “lawyerspeak” if that’s all you want.

What he said.

If you’re concerned about testers, authors of extensions, etc. feeling uncomfortable with their name appearing in the VERSION credits (or regular credits) of a particular kind of work, contacting these people and asking about it would be a thoughtful thing to do (from my perspective, anyway). They might appreciate the option to have their names left out.