How to change the default response on easydoors

I am using Easy Doors by Hanon Ondricek.

How do I change the default response if you open or close a door?

You open the door...

You close the door...

I want to add my own responses by default or for specific doors.

I have looked at the below example, changed it to fit my door but the error says I am using easy doors.

Before going through the closed blue door: say "You push cautiously against the door... [run paragraph on]"; silently try opening the blue door; if the blue door is open, say "it opens!"; otherwise stop the action.

So that will not work.

I have also tried to change the responses of easy door :

 say dooraction and move the player rule response (A): "[dooraction of noun][run paragraph on]"
 say dooraction and move the player rule response (B): "[dooraction of the noun][line break]"

But cant get it to work.

Tried to change it at

When play begins

Please advise.

I haven’t used this extension much, but isn’t that what the dooraction property is for? Like you just say, the dooraction of the blue door is “(whatever)”, and then that fires whenever you go through it.

The say dooraction and move the player rule response (A) is "[dooraction of noun][run paragraph on]"
The say dooraction and move the player rule response (B) is "[dooraction of the noun][line break]"

You are correct. Remember the one with the blue door is the standard rule.

I have changed it to fit my door description but I get the error I am using easy doors.

What’s the error you’re actually getting?

Thanks but not sure how to change it to fit my doors and where to place it in my code.

Mike’s got it mostly; the “dooraction” text is the narrative message when a door is traversed as opposed to the mechanical opening and closing which can be different.

Every easydoor contains a text called “dooraction” which can optionally be used to provide some descriptive text when the player moves through the door.

	a spiral staircase is an open, unopenable easydoor in Minimalistic Apartment. It leads to Loft.  the dooraction of spiral staircase is "Your knees complain as you climb the wrought iron twists of this contraption."
	a time machine is an open, unopenable easydoor in Laboratory. "A humming time machine sits in the corner, the passage into it glowing expectantly."  It leads to Swirly Void.  The dooraction of time machine is "All right.  Here goes."

The dooraction should encompass the actual traversal of the door. The opening and closing are separate actions and shouldn’t necessarily be included in the dooraction.

	a crypt door is an openable easydoor in Graveyard.  It leads to Inner Tomb.  The dooraction is "As you cross the threshold, a cold wind ruffles your hair.".
	After an actor opening crypt door, say "The door of the crypt creaks open."  
	After an actor closing crypt door, say "The crypt door bangs shut."

I’m pretty sure you could globalize it if you just want to change the message for all doors:

After opening an easydoor: say "There, [the noun] is open now."

After someone opening an easydoor: say "[The person asked] opens [the noun] and peers through."


Thanks, looks like this solved my problem for now.

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