How to build folder structure for new twine story?

Twine created a desktop folder for my first story and called it ‘June Twine.’ I tried changing the folder name and it simply created a second ‘June Twine’ folder on the desktop when I did Publish to File. Since I was new to Twine I let it go. Now I’m on my second story and I want to create a folder and put the html file along with img and audio folders in it. But Twine ignores it and when I Publish to File, it creates a new folder and calls it ‘June Twine.’ Seems like a ridiculous problem. There’s a Stories folder in my Documents folder as well with the first twine story and also my new one. I’m really confused. 1) How to create a local folder for Twine stories with img and audio folders? and 2) What in the heck is Twine doing making new folders called ‘June Twine’ when i Publish to File?

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Twine shouldn’t normally create a desktop folder. It doesn’t do that for me.

What version of Twine are you using (e.g. v2.3.4) and what OS are you using it in (e.g. Win 7)?

What directory are you in when the “save file” window pops up to publish your file?

To help debug this problem, let’s look at this step-by-step.

First, what version of Twine are you running? Are you running the latest version (2.3.4) or an earlier one?

Twine also doesn’t create folders normally. It might create a folder to save its settings and other things, but does not normally create folders for projects. That’s really up to the author themselves. All Twine does when you click Publish to File is select prompt the user, on the desktop version, to save the file somewhere. Are you also seeing that?

I’m using v. 2.3.2. in Mac 0s 10.14.6
I was in a new folder I created that would be the folder for html, img and audio folders but Twine created a different folder, which it called ‘June Twine’ and saved it there.
Just now tried again, and it would not save to the folder I created, but saved to a completely different one, the one I had actually tried to save it to before. But first there was a popup box:

““ wants access to control ““. Allowing control will provide access to documents and data in ““, and to perform actions within that app.

Which I’ve not rec’d previously.
something is wrong!

When I Publish to File, Twine does do a prompt re where to save the file but it either creates a new folder anyway (always called ‘June Twine’) or, now, it will save to a completely different folder, i.e., as mentioned to HiEv, to a folder that I had tried to use previously but Twine would not save to. Sorry if this sounds crazy but it is what’s happening.

OK, yeah, this sounds like a problem with the Mac version then.

Try upgrading to Twine v2.3.4, and if it still happens, then I’d recommend reporting it at the Twine “Issues” section on GitHub, along with as many details as possible.

In the mean time, you might want to do a separate install of Twine v2.2.1 so you can get around that problem.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks, HiEv,

Yeah I was starting to think it was either an upgrade issue or a Mac issue- probably a combination of the two. I’ll upgrade twine and see what happens.

Much obliged!