How to avoid objects being mentioned in descriptions

Hi everyone,

this might come across as a dumb question but - how can I have multiples objects in a container, and NOT have them described/mentioned until the player performs a certain action?


Let’s say we have a bag full of candies of different colours. Most of them are fluff, but a few are important (say one is poisonous and another one is an antidote).

Instead of having 20 different useless objects in the bag (“blue candy”, “red candy”, “mauve-purplish candy”, etc), I want the player to find a clue first (the old wizards tells you the green candy’s the one) and only then be able to “take green candy” and succeed. Any other attempts should return blanks, like “Which one to take? You have no idea”. On top of this, the colour of the right candies is randomised every time play begins.

So far I have tried different permutations of having the right candy somewhere else in a secret room and them moving it to the bag when you get the clue, but I just don’t like the fact that once you know which one it is, it just pops in your face in the description. I want the player to have to remember the clues.

So I am guessing I’m looking for some way of having 20 possible colours of candy in the bag but without them being mentioned explicitly, and then let the player only take the right one once he gets the clue.

Give me a hand with this one, please?

First off:

[code]The bag is a container in [wherever it’s at].

The candy is a thing. The candy is in the bag. The candy is undescribed.

Understand “green candy” as candy.[/code]


If player [whatever condition pertains]: say "You can see candy of all colors inside the bag."; now the candy is described.

I’m just a novice and I may be way off here, but that’s what I’d try.

Elementary! :slight_smile:

D’oh, I forgot that little “undescribed” trick.

Thanks holmes_iv, I am way novice-r, much appreciated! Cheers!