How to apply delayed text to paragraphs on whole game not individually

Twine Version:2.3.15
Story Format:2.34.1

Hello! Is there a code for applying delayed text on all passages in a game. I only know the code to put for each paragraph…

<<timed 2s transition>>[[]] <</timed>>
<<timed 4s transition>>[[]]<</timed>>
<<timed 6s transition>>[[]]<</timed>>
<<timed 8s transition>>[[]]<</timed>>

But I have over 250 passages with a lot of paragraphs so I was wondering if there is a more straightforward way… So when you go on each passage the paragraphs are revealed 2 seconds apart. Hope it makes sense… Thank you in advance!

It’s possible a macro could help you with it:

I’d like to point out that this is probably a very bad idea. If you search the site about this:

you’ll see that slow text is almost universally disliked, except for short games. To have several seconds delay on every paragraph for a 250 passage game will almost surely be a detriment for a game.

Edit: Some quotes from reviews:

If one adds to that the very unfortunate use of slow timed text, one must reach the conclusion that the way redacted is presented does not encourage optimal engagement with the game itself.

I’m never a big fan of text slowly appearing on screen. I’m a speed reader, and don’t like to be constrained.

Fortunately, there are checkpoints to zoom you to the start of each of the sections, three levels of hints on offer every time you go wrong, and no overly-slow timed text or anything awful that would make replaying a pain.


I will second this as always. Most people into IF read quite fast, and nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a game to dole out text without any way to click to continue.

I get the sense that authors believe they’re creating drama and suspense with this, but invariably it’s going to anger the reader. Write good prose for suspense, don’t force a slow reading pace. And do not do this deliberately with the purpose of extending a ten minute game into a half-hour game.

If you ABSOLUTELY MUST use a text delay:

  • Use it occasionally (ONCE OR TWICE) for special effect, like a computer readout, or revealing a surprise. Delays are like salt: a little is good, too much ruins it. A pause before an announcer reveals a winner is a good place for a brief pause, not every time the player opens a door.
  • If you’re revealing text letter-by-letter (like a JRPG or Visual Novel) set the text to print very fast, or allow the player to click to continue - or shut delays off in settings (Ren’Py’s engine allows user-controlled text display speed in settings)
  • If you’re going for aesthetic “mood” fadein, reveal entire paragraphs in quick sequence instead of individual words or letters.
  • Reveal text much faster than you expect the player will read. It’s better to keep ahead than make the player wait.

I have to say - I do like when a page of text occasionally does a neat cascade-reveal of several paragraphs, but it should be an occasional stylistic flourish or actual justified pause in the plot that happens within a second or two and should not hold up the player’s progress on a regular basis.